The member associations' activities


The activities of the writers’ associations vary from small local events to national and international undertakings.  Guided excursions to the writers’ home regions, including burial sites, are very popular. Burial site walks are organized yearly with different themes.  Participants visit the graves, stories are told about the writers, poems are recited etc.


“Read a poem a day to a child”campaign is announced every year at webpage  and is directed at families with children as well as nurseries. It is even possible to print out a picture related to the poem so that he/she can colour or has an illustration of the story.


The largest yearly events, eg. Päätalo –päivät (by Kalle Päätalo –association) and Pentinkulman päivät(by Väinö Linna –association)  lasts a week and attracts thousands of participants.  In addition to the main celebration, seminars, exhibitions, competitions, theatre performances etc. are organized. The Federation and the writers’ associations organize courses, theatre visits and excursions to literary destinations for their members.  The writers’ associations confer prizes to active contributors.  For example, Aleksis Kivi association every year grants Esko's cross to a person who in some way has expressed Finnish stubbornness.


Nimikot organizes yearly exhibitions and events with two or more member associations. In addition to having a chance to enjoy the company of like-minded people, participants can catch up with and pick up ideas and spiritual vigour for their own association's work. At the fairs, representatives of different types of literature meet, including children's books, poetry and plays.